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    So I am managing a web site that is hosted on a Windows server and am trying to come up with a good way to maintain a list of several hundred members. As it stands right now, they are in no sort of database; all information is just coded in HTML, meaning when anything changes, I have to go back and edit it. Also makes it impossible to sort/search this data, and entering in new information (we get ~50 members each year and lose about the same amount, and I have to edit it all in HTML, then shift everything, etc etc) is also incredibly time-consuming.

    I'm looking for an member database type thing I can use to help make this process easier. I'd like to display a few custom fields, a picture, and then have this ideally be able to be searched/sorted by one or more of the fields. I have been searching for the past two hours or so with no luck of finding such a beast. If it was in PHP, I could survive...

    Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions I can look in to.


    Edit: It should be noted, this server absolutely sucks. I have no access to anything besides the files I upload. I have no sort of database to use that currently exists (SQL for example) and I can't figure out how to maintain all of this information in an Access DB because I don't think I can set up the DSN properly. This makes it very difficult to work with.
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    I sent you a PM with my contact details hit me up and I can help you get something going.

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