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    (free, hopefully) Web design for non-profit

    I'm currently in a non-profit group on my college campus and I'm looking to do a redesign of the site, but lack the skill to pull it off. I'm hoping that somebody would be able to donate some time to help me design something nice and clean, yet simple; I can give specifics later but I don't anticipate it will be too time-consuming. I only really require one page/design and can make that work for the entire site.

    If you can help out please email me at dmdiller [at] gmail [dot] com or send me a PM on here.


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    It might help to mention what sort of not for profit it is. Registered, charity, that sort of thing.
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    Ah, my apologies. It is for a business fraternity on campus. We help out in the community and do volunteer work, etc. Name is Delta Sigma Pi if anybody is interested in looking into it at all.

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