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    infrenion or cirtexhosting

    Hello, iam located in greece.
    i need good speed from europe and reliability.
    iam thinking about shared hosting in the beginning.
    who will you recommend between those two?

    iam currently on goddady and not satisfied

    thanks in advance

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    Is location important to you? How much disk space and bandwidth do you think you will need? What is your budget? Try searching those company names here and see if you can find some reviews.

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    I've heard of Cirtex before on this forums but never Infrenion but there website says they are out of the UK.

    Maybe try pinging there website too also to see which has shortest delay. A trace route will help some with how many hops are from here to there etc.

    Good Luck
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    Search for feedback on both companies to help you decide. If the company has been in business for over a year with no feedback, it's not bad news.

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    I've only heard of cirtexhosting just recently. So naturally am unfamiliar with either of them. I'd just try and dig up what little info is available and use that as a deciding factor if those or your only two choices.

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    If you have eliminated others,it will be easy for you to make a choice.
    Check their TOS,find out which one has a better policy.
    Search for their reviews from real customers who have experiences using the service.
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    I haven't heard of either to be honest, however you may want to consider out of the UK.

    They have a regular presence here on the forum and are pretty well known. I've ready many good things on these forums about them. Sorry I couldn't help further.

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    To answer your question. Of the two hosts you mention, Cirtexhosting has US based servers only. Infrenion has US and UK based servers. You mention speeds to Greece, so I would have though that Infrenion would be your best option. I have used Infrenion in the past, when I needed ffmpeg hosting and found them to be excellent.

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    Innohosting have US and UK servers. Rameen is a regular in WHT. There are many good reviews here on them.

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    thanks for the replies
    both have tracert 10 hops and about 100ms
    i have already searched the forum but i can't decide

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    don't make second thought. definitely infrenion.... they have best support in industry. trust me , you wil never regret.

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    I will highly recommend you to try as when speaking from my past experience, I have found them to be offering the most stable servers with excellent support.

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    thanks a lot !

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    You're located in Greece and you want quick speed there. So go with infrenion. Why would you even consider cirtexhosting.

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