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    Labor Day Sale Innostorm Hosting for 1.00/m Forever

    Innostorm Hosting

    Heya, thanks for checking us out and browsing our corporate website. Here you will see how a group of dedicated people have come together to make this amazing and growing company. A group of people who can offer reliable hosting for a low low low cost!

    Your price is locked in so it will never go up and the best part is every month we increase the amount of space on all of our plans from 1GB up tp 5GB!

    What we offer:

    Our Shared Hosting offers:
    Innostorm Hosting has been offering Shared Hosting for over two years now and you'll find that we've made it a fun, relaxing, pain free, more money in the pocket kind of experience.

    All of our cpanel Shared Hosting offers include:
    Fantastico with over +50 scripts
    Free migration (contact Support)
    Lastest Cpanel 11
    Free Upgrades of space and bandwidth with a price lock guarantee

    Thunder Plan
    * Space: 10GB
    * Bandwidth: 15GB
    * Quad Core panel servers
    * Description: Entry level package, host unlimited domains, no setup fee's, Fantastico, best for small website or bog.
    * View More/ Order Now

    Blizzard Plan
    * Space: 15GB
    * Bandwidth: 30GB
    * Quad Core panel servers
    * Description:Mid-Range Package, host unlimited domains, no setup fee's, Fantastico, best for personal site or multimedia site.
    * View More/ Order Now

    * Space: 30GB
    * Bandwidth: 55GB
    * Quad Core panel servers
    * Description:Best package, host unlimited domains, no setup fee's, Fantastico, best for business or heavy streaming site
    * View More/ Order Now

    Don't be scared that we offer such low prices for our hosting. Here is why we can do it:
    Hard drive space is cheap, actually to be honest its pretty dirt cheap. Most people can afford a decent sized hard drive with their pocket change. Bandwidth is the same way hence we can afford so much. Because we don't have to spend our time or money on servers we spend it on you the customer, the one person we care the most about.

    If you have any questions about our hosting please checkout our FAQ which will most likely answer any question you may have. If it doesn't please contact us via our support: Click Here

    Why Innostorm Hosting?

    We are real people:

    We are real people, what is more honest than that. We know that we may not fit everyone's needs or desires so we are not going to hype ourselves up to be something we aren't. We are the best at what we do and one thing that everyone here at Innostorm Hosting embodies is truth and honesty. At the end of the day we want you to be happy and we want you to have everything you need to see your website become a reality. By being real people we understand that we make mistakes and that sometimes things don't work the right way but in the end it makes us better because we grow as a company and we become more aware. The people who make up this company care deeply about you and if we have to take a hit for a mistake or bend the rules to make you happy than we will because at the end of the day seeing your dreams come true realizes ours. If you want to get to know the team at innostorm hosting a little bit more head over to our new company blog and get to know us a little bit more: Innostorm Hosting

    We keep Current:

    Innostorm was built around the idea that a company should be able to offer hosting at a low inexpensive cost with all the bells and whistles that you see in more of the expensive hosting you see around the web. We are a team of programmers, designers, administrators, and geeks who have come together to give you all the amazing, high end, brand spanking new features without burning a hole in your pocket. We live in a world where things are always being updated from new features to plugging security holes, so wouldn't you like to stay up to date too? You don't have to worry as we here at Innostorm Hosting are keeping you up to date and will continue giving you features like Free RVSitebuilder and Daily/Weekly Offsite Backups. It makes us happy to see you happy and it makes our techs behind the scene even more happy that they get to mess with all the new and upcoming software/hardware.
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    Innostorm Hosting all the features of the big companies for a lot lot less!

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    please pm me the url of phpinfo.


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