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    Need small and cheap VPS ( URGENT )!

    I`m looking for company who can offer small VPS ( not more then 6$/m ) and instant activation or really quick ( not more then 60-90 min ).

    my requirements are:
    64mb ram
    5GB hdd
    50GB traffic
    1 IP aress
    unmanaged, no cpanel, ubuntu OS.
    the location is not important. just to be on line

    Any suggestions ?

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    Just look around the offer forums. There are tons of budget hosts these days. You should have no problem finding one.

    Good luck!
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    Try the find a host option as well, but be sure to do your research
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    i find them but they do not have info how long it take to setup vps. that why i ask for opinion from. Additional i do not wont to be scammed someone to take my money and i do not receive my VPS

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    That looks pretty cheap too. Just saw it browsing the VPS forum. Don't know how reputable the company is though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sumi View Post
    i find them but they do not have info how long it take to setup vps. that why i ask for opinion from. Additional i do not wont to be scammed someone to take my money and i do not receive my VPS
    In this case, I'd suggest asking some decent pre-sales questions just to be sure that they can show that they know what they're talking about.

    Also suggest looking for hosts that have been in business for at least two years.

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    In the last few years I think I've ordered over 50 VPS accounts for various reasons/testing and I've only run into two issues (that I can recall) in any way billing related.

    As others have suggested you're going to have to do some research. Obviously if a host is relatively new there will not be any track record/history for you to go on so that is a risk. There are some more established players out there that offer low cost (Tiny) VPS accounts.

    You might want to take a gander at, it's like a portal for very cheap VPS offers. I would take a look at Ramhost they have been very solid for the short time I've been with them.

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    Fivebean can fix u up.
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