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    Talking "Hello Fellow WHT Members"

    Just thought I'd say "HI", before I take a long browse and absorb/read as much as I can on these great forums.

    I'm from UK (26 year old male) and thought that this forum would be ideal to use and learn/ask people who are doing this as a full-time job.

    I'm wanting to go into the I.T sector, and more or less start out as a IT Tech, plan on and am doing a few I.T courses to keep my occupied as I'm unemployed.So I will be asking many questions at some point in time and updating my sig with a vague, but relevent description of what I'm after.

    Think going to start with Comptia A +..........( better stop now as this is just a HI thread)

    If anyone who is in IT Tech or anything to do with it, and resides in the UK please PM me with your advice on the courses and path to take.

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    Hi and welcome to wht.

    I am from the UK myself, Wales to be precise.

    Ps you will not be able to receive pm's yet as you do not have enough posts.

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    Hello IT-LEARNER, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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