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    Exclamation Questions about Dedicated Servers Definitions...

    Hello mates!

    I'm hosted now at GalaxyVisions, and I'm having some velocity problems there...
    I'm thinking to change to another Dedicated Server Host....but I'm having questions about the definitions used...can anyone help me?

    What means:

    1- 100Mbs Public + Private (DAMN! I don't have any idea what means the PUBLIC + PRIVATE lol)

    2- 2000GB Premium Transfer (What the hell is "PREMIUM" transfer??)

    3- 2000GB Transfer 10/100 Mb Port (I think I get, I have 2k GB of bandwidth, but on a 10 or 100 Mbps port, right?)

    4- 10 Mbps Unmetered (I have unlimited bandwidth, but limited on 10 MB per second of transfer?)

    5- 100 Mbps port speed (I have a 100 mbps connetion, but limited on the Bandwidth plan I bought?)

    Thanks for the great help!

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    1. 100mbps to the Internet, and 100mbps to the private network.
    2. A premium blend of IP transit, most likely.
    3. Correct.
    4. Correct.
    5. Correct. Pushing more GB will likely cost per GB, depending how much your provider is charging.
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    private network = the internal network at the datacenter. important for backups.

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    thanks. Was also lookin for this information but didnt really wanted to create another post
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