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    * Jonesolutions - any reviews???

    Has anyone had any experience with Jonesolutions as far as dedicated hosting is concerned?

    I am considering the $139 Secaucus (NJ Location) or $179 Dallas (Texas Location) servers. I aim to use the server for a very busy forum which has around 200 users online at any one time. My budget is around $175 so both servers are affordable for me.

    Any feedback on this host would be appreciated.

    Cheers - Dav
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    I've heard of them and I believe the provider is owned by one of the moderators here if memory serves right.

    Personally for dedicated servers I would recommend SoftLayer but that may be who they use for the Dallas Texas location if it's not ThePlanet.

    Edit: I'm not saying that Jonesolutions isn't competent or that they wouldn't be a good choice - I've never used them so I can't really say either way. I was just giving some of my personal advice on the top of dedicated server providers
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    They've been around for a long time and definitely have a good reputation. Try contacting them with your questions, good luck!
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    I haven't really seen this company around on WHT alot or other web hosting related forums. Best of luck to you!
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    You can double check and do your own research for their reviews here on the forum or you can use google for that.
    From my side I can add that what I have heard of them are positive reviews

    Good luck

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    Thanks guys - they do seem to have a good reputation.
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    Oh thanks for that - they seem to have a very good reputation.

    I've just spoken to someone on their site and they answered all my questions. I'm just waiting to hear back from Beachcomber but it looks like Jonesolutions at the moment.
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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