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    Looking for a perfect vps for a small host co.

    Hello There ,

    I'm in a process of starting my own webhosting company . I got a lot of comment from my webhosting friends that start off a reseller if i want to open a webhosting start .

    I was just wondering how much do i need to spent for a small webhosting businesS?

    Just planning to sell webhost and reseller .

    Any recommendations?

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    you can start with a reseller plan, there is many offers in the offers section, after you grow you can move to a VPS or even a dedicated server!
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    The question is would your budget allow for a VPS account? I personally think it would be better to choose a VPS, however they are a lot more expensive compared to reseller accounts.
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    We started off with a VPS as well, you can get them for about $8-12 and install cPanel.
    We found that alot better for our clients than using a reseller account.
    It does cost more to start with though.
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    If you want to sell reseller you will need a Master Reseller solution. Reseller won't cit it for you. I wouldn't recommend a VPS unless you have experience operating them before.
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    vps isn't hard and if you get a managed server, you just need someone to set up and show you around a little and you could handle it yourself after a while.

    as for how much you can spend, look to spend between $30-$50 to start off with a good control panel, good amount of space/bandwidth, and from 512mb to 1gb RAM. Take a look at the offers section for such packages. plenty of it out there. Good luck

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    It all comes down to a couple of important factors:
    a) What is your budget you want to spend towards the "hardware" costs?
    b) What is your experience level?
    c) How many clients do you expect have within the first 3 - 6 months from start?

    This would help you determine which route you should go down then, using the following:
    i) Reseller - lower initial cost, basic control panel knowledge required, supported by server company
    ii) VPS / Dedicated - higher initial costs, advanced knowledge required for managing the VPS / Dedicated Server (or you can outsource the management to an external company at additional costs)

    In the longer term, once things pick up, you will definitely need to go down the VPS or more likely the dedicated server route, however, you will have a better understanding of your client base, their requirements, and how fast your users' requirements are growing.

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    Well, I personally think starting with reseller would be good start for getting you hold on your customers and you would learn lot from it. When in future its come to upgrade to VPS that time you will find easy to managed the VPS.
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    Thank you for your great reply .

    I do have experiences in handling VPS .

    I'm only lack of experience and time but yeah i got a few friends to help me around with the support.

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    Well, I presume you need something standardized, a VPs with an reseller interface, so you'd resell hosting accounts. I think that OS virtualization is cheaper and would work fine for you. There are a number of god control panels, but most people use either Plesk or cPanel. if you have any special requirements, you'd better post them here so users can respond. I have only one suggestion up to this point and it is not to sign up with companies who sell for cheap or claim to offer "unlimited" or "unmetered" space and bandwidth. Unfortunately there are many that think they might do VPS Hosting as they do Shared Hosting.
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