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    Scripts for Transfer of Hosting Packages


    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I had. I recently started my hosting business and I'm currently in need of scripts that will enable me to transfer packages from another hosting provider to me.

    Could anyone suggest which script would be best suited for this purpose?


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    Supposing you're moving cpanel accounts, something like this maybe:

    for recs in $(ls *.tar.gz); do
    echo "STARTING CPANEL UPLOAD FOR " $account
    echo "STARTING CPANEL UPLOAD FOR " $account > $account.out
    echo "STARTING CPANEL UPLOAD FOR " $account > $account.err
    /scripts/restorepkg $account >> $account.out 2>> $account.err
    cat $account.out >> f1.out
    cat $account.err >> f1.err
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    If you use cPanel, you should try script integrated into WHM. Just look for multiple accounts transfer links in your WHM. It's the easiest way to get accounts moved.

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