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    IIS problems : IIS Authentication, frequent problems with VPSLand


    I have recurring errors on VPSLand - the scenario is I'm using Windows 2003 with IIS6 with enable anonymous access enabled (same as I have always done on my other servers)

    However, when I browse the site locally on remotely I get the username and password prompt. If I log a ticket with VPSLand they always seem to respond saying the issue has been sorted out, and when I ask what the problem was the response is always that they reset the IUSR account password.

    Once the problem is fixed, the problem then reappears as soon as I copy any files in the directory.

    When I inspect the permissions on the new copied files (right click properties, permissions) the new files does not seem to grant access to the ASPNET, SYSTEM and IUSR accounts, and then I manually have to go and assign those permissions for it to work.

    ... Only to find that hours later I am prompted with a username and password when hitting my site, then I have to log a ticket again, only to hear that the IUSR password has been reset and it works again.

    Could anyone please offer some advise here as I don't seem to be having any joy with the support engineers - perhaps there's something that's not set up properly that someone can point out in order to resolve these issues.

    Many thanks

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    Try and add Network Service with read / write permissions on the folder (make sure you choose inherit too). Also try to add frontpage extensions to the site - this sometimes cures the ill.

    Another option is to install the free dotnetpanel and let that manage the IIS permissions.

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    VPSLAND.Com really oversells their servers.

    I got so many friends host their private servers game there and from the speed of the Remote destop connection , we know that they host more than 20 Containers in it.

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