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    Question Newbie looking for the right managed VPS plan, help

    Hi! Long time lurker, firs time poster here

    I'm in the process of moving my wordpress blog from shared hosting to a VPS server (managed)(my current host complained about excessive cpu usage). I chose Knownhost for this, based on the reviews from some friends, and the ones I found here.

    The thing is, I'm a total newbie in this things, and that's why I need a managed VPS.
    My budget is very limited (no more than $45) and these are some of my specs:

    5000/6500+ visitors per day
    10000/13000+ pageviews per day
    about 50GB bandwith per month
    lots of images.

    Those visits are increasing week to week, and sometimes peak.

    I have NO idea wich server specifications would be right for me: memory, cpu, etc - could you please help me with that?

    By the way, I need CPanel with it.

    Thanks in advance, and please excuse my English


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    What specs does your vps currently have? Then it might be easy to suggest a new config for you.

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    Start with a small to medium size VPS with specs like 20GB disk space, 200GB bandwidth, 512MB Ram. Choose a provider where you can easily upgrade or customise. Bandwidth will not be the issue but CPU will be as Wordpress dynamically generates all those pages for you. So get a provider who is flexible and can propose something matching your requirements. And someone who knows a bit about Wordpress optimization and can help you there.
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    Hi Mia,

    There are 1GB and 2GB plans with cPanel included for the budget you have mentioned. Have you looked at the offers sections (

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    Yes, I've been considering Knownhost (or maybe Wiredtree) for this, but I was unsure about what plan would be the right one for me - as I have no idea how much memory a site like mine would need.
    I guess I will start then with 512mb just to be safe.

    And yes, I've been reading about Wordpress being something like a "resource monster" :p so I hope to find the right place to finally stay there and not having to move (so stressful!)

    thanks a lot for your input!

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    Hi again,

    cPanel can eat up as much as 256MB initially just to run. So 512MB is definitely borderline. Try to get more than 512MB just in case. Are you using wp-supercache and other tricks to bring down memory/cpu consumption. There are several other things one can do to bring down the load.

    Let me know if you have any question.

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    Yes, I know about Super Cache, but sadly I cannot use it (at least for now) cause some parts of my blog need to be dynamic. I'm not code savvy, so I rely a lot on plugins (a shame, I know!).

    I try to optimize the best I can, but there are certains things that I really cannot handle well. That is just the case now: I find myself with this resource problem, and I cannot pinpoint what exactly is eating my resources. I know shared hosting is very limited, but this started recently.
    I already tried disabling plugins, and I'm now temporarily using super cache until I move - because moving out is the only solution I could find.

    I don't think that the problem could be my particular theme... but, I don't really know and I kinda gave up.

    I'll try to find a nice managed VPS with that amount of memory, thanks a lot for your input, you really helped (I was about to sign on a 384MB memory plan!)


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    Definitely check the VPS offers forum.

    Managed + cPanel + enough ram to run cPanel and everything else will probably cost you $35-50 for a reputable host. cPanel licensing is also significant in the price.

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    I would also look at, the support is top notch and the prices arent bad either

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    Also keep in mind, you can choose a plan on the low side, see if it works, if not, practically all VPS plans can be upgraded on-the-fly, non-destructively.
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    Knownhost and Wiredtree are both superb and if you can swing it I would. The good thing is that they both have highly optimized installs (minimize the ram being used for overhead). I know with KH's order process you can put in your order without a CP (you would need to check with them to make sure this is OK) which would save you a bit of RAM.

    If you can live without a CP (and it's an option) then I would do the KH VS3 which should be fine for you and meet your $45 budget (especially if they still have their 15% coupon in the offers section going).

    Wiredtree would cost you a few extra bucks but it would also get you a 768MB vps with more disk and bandwidth (look for their offer).

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