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    Talking [DE Takeover] 2 Monster Quad Core Servers - Great for VPSs - Grab them now!!

    Hello everyone,

    I got 2 servers from last month under their 100$ off promotion. I had some plans with them so I paid for them($300 total for 2) on the 1st of this month. But the plan have been postponed and so I am left with 2 of these servers for the rest of September. Configuration is -

    • Q9550 Quad Core Dedicated Server
    • 8GB DDR2 Ram
    • 2 x 500GB Hard drives
    • 16 IP addresses (Normally 3, but I got more IPs instead of free Direct Admin they were offering)
    • 5000GB Bandwidth
    • 100 Mbps port
    • CentOS 5
    • Unmanaged - They provided remote reboots, rDNS entry updates, OS reloads directly from the client area, but have removed them due to their ongoing redesign. It will be available again by October.
    • $149.95/month

    These servers are great for hosting VPS or resource heavy sites. Located in Germany. Network is excellent with 100% uptime so far. Support is fast with average response times under 20 minutes.

    I am looking at around $110 for each with more than 3 weeks left.

    Please reply or PM me if you need any other info or have any questions.


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    anyway they will give put Windows on the server?

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    do they have cPanel/WHM? or can we get them for that price?

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    Yes they can install Windows on the server(s). But it will cost additionally
    The pricing is as follows
    $19.95/month - Windows 2003 Web
    $29.95/month - Windows 2003/2008 Standard

    Yes cPanel/WHM is available. It will cost $39.95/month


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    These servers are still available. Open to any sensible offer.


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    what's your website? any offers currently?

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