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    Disable a single package on payment gateway? {WHMCS}


    Is it possible to disable a particular package on a particular payment gateway? The issue is that we have a 0.01/mo hosting promotion running and 2checkout charges us a 0.45 for every order. I just paid 62 dollars to fix up the balance. Any way to avoid this? I don't really wish to discontinue the promotion or disable the gateway. I checked in whmcs payment gateway and package settings if i could find an option but there's no such option. What is your possible suggestion for this situation? Should we approach whmcs regarding this? Is there are module already out to fix this?
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    When creating a new product group, simply do not select 2Checkout as an available gateway, then create your $0.01 promo package within this new product group. Which means 2Checkout will only be disabled for your promo package. I would suggest using PayPal as an alternate gateway. Although they will take away the $0.01 in processing fees, it may be the only way to stop your clients from selecting 2Checkout.

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    Right but the point of the 1c ent promo is to get there information and to make sure there not abusing it
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    InstantPH got it - you have to make a new product group, disable the gateway, and move the product to the new group. Transparent to the end user, and does what you want!
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