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    Changing Motherboard on W2K...


    I am going to be changing my motherboard, and video on a W2K server. I know that when you change a device in W2K, during loading you get that ugly blue screen, and it won't load anything.

    So before I start my project, I needs tips on how to make this switch much easier.

    Thanks Again for your help!

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    I have actually done that on a couple of machines and never got a blue screen.

    The big thing I have found is that if you are using the same type of disk subsystem (standard IDE), you will not have any troubles. When W2K boots, it should see all the new hardware and start prompting for drivers.

    One suggestion, replace the Motherboard first, then do the Video Card.

    Hope that helps!
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    I know this an old post, but hopefully I get a reply. I am changing from an AT MB K6/2 to a ATX MB P3 or P4. Before I change from the old, do I need to disable anyting in the device manager?

    I want this to be a smooth change, and I really don't want to get that blue screen of death.

    So any suggestions, or tips will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's a big difference.

    Personally, I would just format and it'll work much better and would take no more time than all of the driver installing and removing, etc.

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    i think you can use sysprep to do it
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    See that's the problem, I can't format that drive. It is already configured with a site, and passwords, and IIS lockdown, and much more.

    What is sysprep?


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    your best bet is doing what you suggested

    go into device manager

    uninstall all the hardware u can

    then, once your done, shut it down, replace the motherboard and the graphics card (cause you would have uninstalled it anyway)

    should then detect and install everything just fine

    probably wont work as sweet as a fresh format, but should work

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    1- First thing is backup your drive or at least the boot partition (usually c drive). Best is to image it using Ghost.

    2- Change the gfx card driver to generic vga, w2k might not like to use a driver whose hardware is not in the system.

    3- If you have your bios in your new motherboard to autodetect drives, it should run fine.

    4- Install the new driver for the new gfx card.
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