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    I am planning to move my site to from my current shared hosting service.. Their price sounds sweet and their extra harddrive addon is one time fee... But i heard many bad reviews about them .. but!.. all the posts are from 2005 and 2006.. So.. any of you who is using a hosting service from right now, do you like it or not :p ?

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    I wouldn't risk it. I spoke to the "owner" of calpop before in attempts to get colocation, and when i told him how much power I needed, he told me that their datacenter couldn't handle my needs. On top of that i recall that they were "kicking" people out of their datacenter if they were using too much power. I don't know if they can handle any more growth in their company but i was extremely surprised to be refused as a customer when all the other datacenters in that area welcomed me with open arms. In the end i didn't get colocation from any of the local dc's but during my quotes/estimates process from various datacenters, they were the only datacenter that didn't seem to care about getting my business. Also keep in mind that my opinions are based upon events that occurred around April 2008. So they could be different but i doubt it.

    Hopefully someone who is a current customer can answer your question...

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    Perhaps it's possible that when WHT went down they might of lost some posts related to calpop. Im not hip to if any data was lost but perhaps something was? I guess a mod could confirm/deny that.

    My time on this forum has shown more bad then good reviews of Calpop. Since i've only been active on here the last few years it would of had to of been semi-recent complaints.
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    If you do a search for "" in the top right hand corner, 11 pages of results come up. There's a good amount of reviews and issues addressed regarding CalPOP, all you need to do is search and read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarrettReardon View Post
    If you do a search for "" in the top right hand corner, 11 pages of results come up. There's a good amount of reviews and issues addressed regarding CalPOP, all you need to do is search and read.
    Seems he has done the search already. But the reviews might be older and he needs recent experiences.

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    Thumbs up Review of CalPOP

    For what it's worth ... I read all the same review (bad and good), and decided to give CalPOP a chance in July. Our experience with them has been pretty decent, with the exception that the left hand doesn't always talk to the right.

    Their prices are stellar, their support is always friendly and willing to help ... and most of all - THEY ARE RESPONSIVE.

    We came to LA to rack a server with another company (E/O Networks ... or Electrical Optical Networks) housed at the same 600 W. 7th street location in LA. What we saw with them was simply horrifying. I don't know of any other word to describe it. CalPOP was a sight for sore eyes, and they did everything they could (including standing in the lobby as we got building security to clear our equipment to go back upstairs) to help us in our time of crisis.

    Since racking the server, I have experienced a total of 0 downtime, unbelievable response time to trouble tickets (new IPs, requesting rDNS entries, and even a request for additional hardware installation in our owned machine).

    Yes, CalPOP may not be "pretty" and they may not be "corporate" looking - but they seem to have a pretty fair handle on their business these days. They seem to really want to help their customers, and are working towards bettering their name.

    If you're interested, give them a shot. The worst that could happen is you pay for a month of service (30-day notice required before termination) unless you exercise their 30-day money back deal.

    For sake of argument, also check out these providers:

    - Convergent Internet Solutions ( www dot cisaz dot com )
    - Deru Internet Services ( www dot deru dot com)

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