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    I have a couple servers with and haven't been able to get in contact with them for a long time. Anyone know the best way to reach them or someone have access that can help me? The servers are no longer online but I need the information off of them.


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    Did you look up the whois information on their domain?

    You could then use Google maps to find out if they're in an office building or not, and then find out contact information for that office building, phone their neighbors, do look ups
    on the numbers, etc

    They paid their domain until 2014, which is a shame - that's a really cool name.

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:, LLC [email protected]
    7960B Soquel Drive #417
    Aptos, CA 95003

    Record expires on 23-Aug-2014.
    Record created on 26-Mar-2007.

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    I've been to the DC before, its MPT, but cant get in. They didn't answer when the DC called them either.

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    Any luck contacting them? I sent them an email on Sunday to make arrangements to get into the DC on Saturday. After a follow-up email on Thursday (4 days after the original email) I got a a reply from Jay saying he would schedule it, but I haven't gotten further instructions.

    I've tried calling their support and sales extensions, but no answer on either. Not having responsive support is worrisome to me.

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    Just to note, AIM says jay has been idle for like 2 days now.

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    Fwiw, mindstormmaster's issue has been taken care of...
    I have no idea about the OP tho... he needs to provide more info.

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