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    Thumbs up Interested in sharing a Dedicated Server?

    Hello, I have a dedicated server I would like to share with a few others. The detailed specs of the server are:
    Dual 2.8ghz Xeon Processors HT
    2GB DDR2 RAM
    250GB HDD
    250GB Backup HDD
    2000GB in/out Bandwidth

    I would like to divide the server into 4 equal pieces (with xen or openvz) and sell 3 of them to others.

    Specs of the VPSs created would be as follows:
    50GB HDD
    500GB Bandwidth
    3 dedicated IP addresses
    Price $35 a month. (I may possibly be able to offer DirectAdmin for an additional $5).

    This would be a unique opportunity to have a low cost VPS on a NON oversold node. I’m trying to gauge interest in this offer. If you think you would be interested please post or pm.

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    Here are the finalized specs for this offer:

    CPU: 1/2 2.8ghz Xeon Processor
    Ram: 512MB DDR2 Ram
    HDD: 50GB
    Data Transfer: 500GB
    IPs: 3
    VSXPathway -- Stop/Start/Reboot/Recreate/Restore VPS
    Price: $35

    Control Panels Available
    VirtualMin -- Free
    DirectAdmin -- $5/mo
    cPanel -- You can purchase a vps license online for $15.

    Again, please post or PM if interested. Thanks.

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