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    osCommerce is losing product descriptions

    I host several osCommerce sites for clients. All work great, except one. The problem site's osCommerce database will randomly erase some of the descriptions for products.

    What confuses me is that this is random, and effects only the one cart, not any others on the same server. It has been an issue for several weeks, and at first glance appears to be accelerating.

    Any ideas where to begin looking?

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    Don't look anywhere except your source code (oscommerce).

    Sometimes an extra ' in coding can be the problem. If that is what the problem is basically you won't find it the database, it will be in the code on the php pages where instructing to save to database.

    If you made any modifications to that clients site retrace your steps. Hope that helps

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    I would also check to see if there are any updates to the current version, as it may also be an exploit.

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    Thanks for the tips ...
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    Another thing, you could always set up a duplicate site on localhost and search for the bug there, it should be easier that way rather than look for it on the fly.

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    Does you client pushes the button "SAVE" (or "INSERT") after the product preview?
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