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    I changed the keywords of my site, will the search engin reindex it

    Hello all,

    I launched a web site three years ago and I found that for many pages of my wb site, it does not show up when i search google for it.
    i have discovered that i have to make a better keywords of my pages, which i did and i uploaded the pages to my ftp.
    My question is: when will the web search engines reindex my pages, or is there any steps which i have to do it manualy, could you guide me please

    warm regards

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    it will update soon according to your page rank and your backlinks

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    a couple of things to start with

    1. create a sitemap
    2. submit your site to the SERP's
    3. find some websites that you can put your link on, such as in your signature here (after 10 posts), forums, blogs, etc.
    4. find some directories that are built around that category that your site is in (very important to stay within the same vertical market.
    5. add a link to any social network site that is indexed.
    6. email webmasters of some similar sites to see if you can do a link exchange with them.

    If some of this stuff is a little too much, go to google webmaster tools here, and read more.

    Hope this helps.
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    ...and take most of the advice you get with a pinch of salt. Most of it is intended to waste your time. What did you do to change your key words?

    These should appear in your title tag in your page header. When you have done that you need back links that use targeted anchor text and he last thing you don't want to do is to start spamming forums like this, blogs and social media networks. There are thousands upon thousands of link directories offering you everything from free to vey very expensive link packages. But if you start with those free lists you will soon get the hang of it.

    However remember, stay away from spammers, scammers and the big bad wolf who is oh so fond of little pink pigs.

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    Thanks guys for the advices

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    I think you should wait for while. I am sure Google will make note on it. Meanwhile you can concentrate on getting the backlinks from other websites.
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    Just concentrate on your usual link building campaign. Google will definitely re-index your website.

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    It now depends upon your link building strategy. If you're working good then your site will be re-indexed soon but remember, don't go for anything stupid to get your site indexed quickly in the google. stupid means, paid services that offer submissions and social bookmarks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adnan Khan View Post
    .... stupid means, paid services that offer submissions and social bookmarks.
    Not sure I understand. I use submission services. They do a better job at a better price than I can do it myself. And as I understand it you can't get on Google's bad side for incoming links unless you get caught buying PR.

    However I agree that bulk submissions, auto submissions and link spam are a bad idea and are just a waste of time.

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    Google visits my website like every hour. So it wont take long.
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    I've got different keywords for different blogposts. However, a lot of people suggest me to just focus on using only a few of them. I'm actually wondering if it will be a good approach to limit the keyphrase or keywords on a site.

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    Yes, search engin will reindex it, however you should wait some time.

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    Yea, SE will reindex but if you'll include your site in google webmaster tools than it can be more easy to reindex.

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    Maybe u have to change the KW in your title tag, but as the KW is the basis, so when u change the KW, all the other work related to it also have to chang with it, it is really a huge project!

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    2 most important steps you have to do
    submit your page to major se, and build some high quality on them.

    if you do so, your new pages will be shown within 1 period on google,around 1 month.
    of course you can forward 301 from your original page if it had good ranking before. do remember, don't change too much content there.

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