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    Need help with while

    I'm wondering if someone can help me....

    What i'm trying to do is basically have a script output a great deal of numbers.... based on co-ordinates... like x y z

    This is what i want it to output:

    x: -150 to +150
    y: -150 to +150
    z: -150 to +150

    But seeing as this will be placed inside a database, for every "x" there has to be a "y". and as i'm trying to make a perfect square, it would have to be like....

    INSERT INTO 'map' (
    `x` ,
    `y` ,
    `z` ,
    VALUES (
    '-150', '-150', '1'
    so before x goed to -149, y would need to have already gone through the whole -150 to +150 thing...

    i hope you can understand lol

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    If I understand it correctly, it's just a matter of looping the loops:
    PHP Code:
    for ($x = -150$x <= 150$x++) {
        for (
    $y = -150$y <= 150$y++) {
           for (
    $z = -150$z <= 150$z++) {
    db_insert("INSERT INTO map (x, y, z) VALUES($x$y$z)";

    Of course, the inserting might be done more efficiently, but the triplets could be generated this way. I haven't done the math to see what the total size of the results would be, since I assume you have and know it would be very large. Edit: 27270901 triplets.
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    Thats perfect!

    Basically the map will display only the x and y co-ords based on the what "z" co-ord you are on.

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