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    need advise to atom server

    Hi All,

    I need a advise to my server.

    I planning to order a dedicated to host 100+ html sites and email.
    My spec is below.

    - CPU: Intel Atom 330 Dual Core
    - RAM: 2048MB DDR2
    - HDD1: Western Digital 500GIG SATAII

    May I know Atom 3330 dual core is powerfull enough?

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    If they are just html sites then it should be OK. Although depending on the volume of email, I would expect that to slow it down a little.

    That said, the Atom 330 isnt a bad processor.

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    I would have to agree with PCS-Chris, but wanted to ad something. 100 sites is fine as long as they are static sites, but any amount of traffic coming from one or more of the sites may slow down the server. If you expect anything to happen with any of those sites, an upgrade to a little better Dual Core cpu would not be a bad idea.

    Thank You
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    This all depends on the combined resources used by all of your sites. Like jeremy said, 100 static sites with normal bandwidth would be fine.
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    If you are hosting only static HTML type sites, you might also consider using lighttpd or LiteSpeed on your server - an Atom 330 CPU can be stretched a LONG way with a lightweight httpd server like those.

    Lighttpd or LiteSpeed work great for dynamic sites too, but too much DB activity will bog down an Atom, even running one of those httpd daemons.
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