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    1U NYC for $50/month with physical access?

    I live near NYC, and it would be very convenient if I could have physical access to my colo'd server. I don't suppose there is anything in the $50/month range? If not, then I guess any affordable colocation on the East Coast?


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    The price range you are looking at i think would be impossible in New york. But you still can take a look at the colocation offers section, Somthing maybe have popped up anytime.

    Good Luck choosing

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    Steadfast has a deal out of their new New York datacenter - 1U + 800GB of bandwidth for $79.95. I think that's the best deal you'll get if you're looking for quality colocation.

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    There's possibly a best deal to be had in Long Island or New Jersey. Check out Interserver or HoneLive in NJ and maybe TheNYNOC in Long Island.
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    enotch might be able to do it

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    Search for NJ colo to get those prices. It shouldn't be too hard to find something a few miles outside of the city.
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