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    Looking for a parner (php/mysql/ajax developer)

    I need a partner that is good with PHP programming and willing to develop a functional website with me. I think I have a pretty good idea for a website, and since I'm a web designer, I can do most of the designing and making it look pretty and web 2.0 from the front-end. I just need someone to develop the functionality. All the revenue we make would be 50/50, we'll both sign a contract in the start so we can't cheat each other out of anything. Obviously you won't make anything yet except the 50% ownership in this business venture.

    If you're interested, let me know. Let's talk for a while, and we can discuss my idea. It's not the next Facebook or Twitter, but I think it definitely has the potential to be useful for millions of people and make their lives a little easier.

    Anyone interested in talking about this will need to sign an NDA just in case you decide against this idea, I still get to keep my rights to it and you don't create it without me.

    You would probably not need to invest any money at all, just your development time (which is golden, I understand). I'll get the domain name, hosting, create the front-end website (you can help), etc...

    Any interested parties, let me know. Would prefer someone in United States... And again, you will need to know php/mysql very well and possibly ajax integration. Front end development with some javascript frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, MooTools, etc...) knowledge would also be very helpful.

    Either PM on WHM
    zenicanin [at]

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    Hello, I am very interested in this offer, however before I can give you an answer I would like to know what you have in mind. I have great experiance in PHP,MySQL,HTML,Javascript,CSS,XHTML,and XML. However my expertise fall into PHP and MySQL.

    I'm not great at designing, however I have great programming skills. If you would like to see some of my work, or you would like to ask me some more questions please feel free to by sending me a PM.

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