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    I need an online job

    I didnt know where to post this but, I need a job online.
    I really dont care on the pay, practicly ill do it for free,
    but I can do web design in HTML and CSS I prefer to do the CSS externally, but if I use CSS in content pages, I do <style></style> But yeah, I play a game called habbo, its for Teens, some older people play, but yeah, I have a website called. I mainly own it, and most layout I've created are dedicated to that game and site as it has to blend in, but If I was requested to make something like a real life layout, it wouldn't be too hard,as its just the grapics mainly, the HTML and CSS is same to mainly any site.
    I'm familiar with cPanel and, WHM please email me on: [email protected]

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    Hey Aaron,

    I might have something for you, mostly in the design area as we currently don't have any on staff designers. If you have samples or other work you've done, that would be great, send them along with your expected pay and experience to me at [email protected] we need a few basic sites created and we don't have the time to do it. If the work / response is good, there may be other possibilities.

    I'd PM you, but you don't have enough posts yet.

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