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    What's wrong with RaQ

    Some people obviously hate RaQs

    why is that ? what are the disadvantages ?

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    Raqs are pretty basic and do not have anything of the speed and flexibility of a normal server (not too sure if this applies to the new 550 though).
    However if you just want a small server that does very basic work at reasonable speed for a reasonable number of non-intensive sites and you want a simple control panel for admin and users then the Raq could be okay for you.
    For example hosting your own business or running a small reseller business comprising of mainly static/flash/swish sites and no heavy databases then a Raq should be fine.
    HOWEVER - generally speaking Raq prices are excessive compared with what you will pay for a standard server.
    If you know what you are doing with a server then I doubt you'd be best off with a Raq, on the other hand a Raq is generally easier to handle for the inexperienced, (with maybe a little help!).

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    I am using my 2nd RaQ after migrating from a RaQ 3 to a RaQ 4 recently and I do not have any problems with it.

    True, in today's contexts, the RaQ seems to be under-powered compared to the other systems and are a shade more costly too.

    But my usage are pretty basic and since I am new to dedicated hosting, the RaQ is a great machine to work with. But if you are familiar with Linux and want to tweak around, probably it is best to go with the other alternatives.

    But as a workhorse, the RaQ is pretty stable.

    If you are planning on hosting numerous interactive sites, you might be better off with the higher powered machines. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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