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    FirstNetServ First Month Review

    Hi, i have been with FirstNetServ now for an estimated time of a month. at first i was a bit unsure of its services but the director of the host gave me an option of one month free where i could use his services fully for one month then if i was happy i would start paying after the trial was over. The director even installed Cpanel/WHM for me as i didnt have a clue what to do.

    Now that the trial month is over i have decided that FirstNetServ is a very dedicated web host and i am more than happy to use there services.

    James Searrio

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    What is the link to the hosting company>?

    And please remember to report your ip for verification purposes here:

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    I have heard of them but know very little about them. Thanks for your review, good to see you are happy. Having a free month to try services is always a bonus.

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    Hope you go well with them in the future.

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