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    What's about

    What's about
    I want to purchase a dedicated hosting (RedHat Linux) from there?
    Thank you for any advices.

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    What about them?
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    hrm, i do wonder if this is a rackshack reseller?!
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    I am interested in 1-800-Hosting too. I did a search and found that they are located in The Planet DC, but noting else.
    Anybody that currently has a server there:
    1) How is the uptime?
    2) Network issues?
    3) Is their support responsive?
    4) And your overall impressions?

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    They have been around for a long time. I think they started just offering shared hosting. I am pretty sure they are out of Dallas, TX (InfoMart).

    Don't know much about them other than they have been around a while.
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    Their connectivity is excellent. I called them up a couple months ago to ask about a couple things, and was able to talk to the co-founder (John, I think). He seemed like he'd be a good guy to work with--and apparently they will modify any of their plans for you as needed.

    Their big offer is 25% off the first year and free setup if you prepay, which brings the price of their cheapest ded. server down to $75/month. (I passed on it in part because it only had 256 megs RAM, but now I see 512.) So, that makes them a better deal than rackshack.

    Get one and let us know how it is!

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    One guy (nickname: YourHost) from The Planet said this in the last message of this thread:

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