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    The Cube Host | Hiring Support Team

    * Must work on a per ticket basis
    * Available Preferably 24 Hours
    * Excellent English Communication Skills
    * Excellent cPanel/WHM Knowledge and Experience
    * MySQL / PostgreSQL Knowledge and Experience
    * Excellent Server Knowledge
    * Must have a PayPal Account
    * Excellent Resume - Preferably With References
    * Must willing to abide with our Standard Operational Procedures.
    * Must be able to use our support ticket system.
    * Your Time Zone

    Job Description
    * Answering Support Tickets
    * Fix problems a client may have
    * Be available for communication via email or IM.
    * Be on call to deal with technical issues that may arise

    Do not apply,
    * If you do not meet the above requirements
    * If you require a set up fee
    * If you require a deposit

    Please send us
    * the cost per ticket and/or
    * the cost per month.

    Please send applications to [email protected]
    Please note that not all applicants will receive a reply and please do not send PM's.

    **Please ensure that you send all the required information.**

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    ** Please do not send any more inquiries. **

    Admin, Please delete this thread.

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    Thumbs up Application Sent Thank you!

    Hello The Cube Host,
    I have sent you my application to the email you specified.

    I look forward to speaking more with you, about this further.

    Sincerely, WHT

    PS. I am sorry for the duplicate emails. Seems gmail does not like the format i placed it in and made it messy. However i fixed the problem.
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