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    Yet Another Template II

    This is a high quality template with mouseover effects on the menus, and will not be resold once it's bought.


    You Get: PSD, sliced images (most in JPGs), HTML/CSS files, fonts used.

    Price: I'm open to fair suggestions.

    If interested, or have any questions or comments regarding the template, please feel free to post here.

    Thanks for reading.

    Edit: Template has been SOLD!
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    Do you have any other designs? as in your portfolio?

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    what is your asking price.. don't wanna bid to low and insult you

    also how can we see a wee larger example.. I am having a hard time seeing the site and its detail
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    Excellent work.

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    Hi guys,

    edude: I have several other designs, but don't have a solid portfolio that I'd want to make public yet. The time will come, though.

    Freedom: Well, how much do you think my template is worth? Be honest. And please don't think I'll be insulted. By the way, I'll make the image larger if you really want me to.

    JSpired: Thank you!

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    It does not seem to bad and if it lost the guy and blue stuff next to the buttons and was made a little more basic and "load time freindly" I would love to see a bigger example. I would also require a second page configured a little different to list plans/etc.. please let me know(private or public) what kind of price we would be looking at for such a job..


    Also do you have anything for sale you have not show public yet... ?
    Nothing Special: True Archive , just my lil archive for fun... maybe turn into something more?

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    Great design
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    Very nice. I like it.

    where is the starting-price?

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    Thats a GREAT design

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    I'll start the insult-and-bid-low war.


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    I'll bid $30

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    I'll bid $35.

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    Ill buy it.. HeHe..

    If this will be unique, I Will buy it

    Check your PM.. For my email


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    Thanks all for your interest in my template! Wow. I never thought my design skills were that good. Hah! Just kidding.

    Ok, to those that have PM'd me with offers, I have replied back to you.

    I'd like to make one thing clear here. Once any of my templates have been bought, it will never be resold. That's my word.

    The asking price for the template is $250. I hope that's not too high, I actually think it's a fair deal. Customization will be provided if necessary until you're 110% satisfied.

    Once again, thanks for recognizing my work. I'll be sure to post more templates at WHT in the near future.

    Good day.

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