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    any review about ?

    they are offering good deals right now :

    Core 2 Duo E8200** 2.66Ghz DUAL-Core
    8GB DDR2 Memory
    2 TB Hard Drive
    Free cPanel or DirectAdmin

    I know they are not DC and they have Colos in InterServer, NJ !
    anyone have servers with them ? any review ?

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    I have Atom with 2 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD from them for about 3 months.

    So far so good - network is stable and with good connections to Europe and their support is fast and competent.

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    Thanks Patryk. I'm glad everything is going good for you.

    Please note that we are incorporated in the State of New Jersey, United States, thus we cannot accept clients from countries against which US has imposed sanctions. Thus, we cannot provide you with any services unfortunately.

    Sorry about that, hopefully you can find a good host elsewhere.
    Email: info ///at///

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    I currently have the E7400 from them and I am content on it. I had a Q9300 about a year ago and I loved it. Honelive is great and it definitely was well worth the returning. ping it and traceroute it for verification, should be good enough if not let me know.
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