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    Need Employees for Hosting Company

    Hello Guys

    I run a webhosting site and very soon i am opening a new one.
    Unfortunatly i dont have alot of time to be online so I need a trust employee.
    I can offer him 50% of the earning with out need to invest any money in it or just give him a monthly salary.
    His job is to manage the site and of course bring customers.
    I am not looking for expensive solutions but i am looking for PROFESSIONAL. So if you dont have any good experience please dont msg me.
    You must know how to manage whmc and cpanel.
    I already have one but his amateur and little lazy to work.

    P.S Also looking for a 24h technical support ASAP
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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    I have also PM'd you, Awaiting response via aim.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cymedia View Post
    I already have one but his amateur and little lazy to work.
    Then either manage him with measurable and achievable performance targets, sack him for misconduct or motivate him to work hard

    I think there are a few people at the moment looking for web hosting partners, so you could be in luck for a new partner.
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    this website works fine for me
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    I sent you a pm

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    Sent you pm, kindly check.

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    You can talk to me at AIM webweb81

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    We have hired 24 support
    Now we just need one guy to manage everything including sales
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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    Check pm, I can do that for you.

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    Back again

    I need someone to manage the company ,whmc , do advertising and bring sales.
    24h technical Support team i will find.
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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    Right behind you.

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    Please check pm!

    Thank you.

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