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    Question Can Name Servers Be Listed Out of Order?

    Hello all,

    I have domains separate from my host, and was listing my host's name servers at the registrar. Afterwards, out of curiosity I pinged dns1 and dns2 to see which one was faster. Dns2 is much faster from my location at about half the time. (The two IPs are not sequential and represent servers in different geographic locations.)

    While I understand visitors will come from all over the world, since I will be uploading and working with the site, I'd rather have the first server listed at my registrar be the one that's faster for me, assuming that means the site will try to resolve to that server first... but do not want to list DNS2 in the #1 position if that is counter to what the host wants or is a no-no for some reason. Anyone? Thanks.

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    It does not matter which order they are listed, because when the name servers are queried, they are queried simultaneously, and the first one to answer is assigned by the Registry to that particular query as "primary" at that point in time.
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    Thanks Mark, appreciate your help.

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