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    [EuroVps.CoM] Longtime to get your order back

    Hi everybody ,
    I did Placed yesterday an order of a Windows Vps starter for 1 month( just to check the quality ) .
    But till now no reply about my order .
    The Invoice is paid & the Account is ACTIVE .
    May i Know it's during for how long to get my order - getting the vps - ?!

    Thanks Advanced .

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    Have you tried contacting them via their website, email or phone calls?
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    i did try to call them via phone calls but i was in hold for long time and thats cost me alot so i did close the call . i didnt tried to send an email . i want to hear ur suggestion

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    you should wait 24 hours after payment, if there's no particular info about setup time on their website.
    also it could take longer since it's weekend.

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    Majority of the accounts in EuroVPS are processed almost instantly, however those payments which have mapped details different (entered telephone from UK and IP fom US ) get held up in the anti fraud manager by hspc panel (the system we use), which is later processed manually after a security verification process . This can also happen due to incomplete details being entered at the time of sign up. Probably your payment and account is held up there.

    It would be great if could send a mail to [email protected] with your invoice number or the welcome letter you received.

    Additionally , please make sure whether there was a verification email from the security department , which was sent to initiate the security clearance.

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    Try forward your invoice to their sales department.
    Because your account already Active then your VPS should active immediately.
    I am sure their customer support will help process your problem.

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