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    * Does anyone have a spam domain?

    A domain that gets email spammed at least 30 spam email per minute? I would like to borrow such a domain for maybe a day for testing only. Thanks.

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    LOL! Interesting request. I assume you want to check some filtering and what not. The best thing that I can suggest is to register a crap domain, make it private, and then sign up for as many porn sites as you can, and believe me, you will get spammed.

    I had a client that had left go an employee, after this employee was fired she must have spent days signing up her ex-employer's email with dozen's if not hundreds of porn sites. Within 2 weeks her email was getting thousands of email's per second. We spent a month trying to resolve and unsubscribe, but it just kept getting worse. So I just set her up with another email account else where.

    Thats my only thought on it.
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