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    Webhosting Business is for all?

    There are two types of owners in web hosting industry

    #1. Owner of a company might be a web developer, designer or server admin for more than 2-3 years and started doing a small shared hosting business by reselling some other host. He knows latest web trends and have enough technical knowledge.

    #2. Big Business people just invest money, buy resources , hire techie dudes , advertise & operate. They know nothing technically but they have money.

    Companies started by #1 grows slowly, They face lots of challenges, fruad issue, charge back, advertising & etc.

    But #2 manages everything by their economical health. They spend huge money in advertising & hiring techies.

    Sometimes, It looks like #2 companies will eat #1 some day.

    But many #1 gives real good support.

    Many #2 gives copy & paste replies

    #2s have hundreds of thousands of customers so their tech support turn around time is quite long.

    with limited number of clients #1s manages their tech support smooth and fast.

    Do you guys have any other comparison than this? And what type of company you are belonging with?
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    That's a pretty flawed scenario. Any good business person would know that customer support and customer service is an aspect never to neglect. It has nothing to do with their technical knowledge or require require a rocket scientist to know that.

    So company #2 can do everything #1 is doing, and do it considerably better.

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    Doesn't matter if you have excellent support, if you don't have a good amount of money to market yourself, you're not going to go anywhere...

    I'm sure many people will disagree with me but I look at the hosts that have 5-10k customers which isn't that much but enough and I also see their ads here ;-)
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    It is a pity that there are lots of Hosting service providers who are here only because of the money they can invest and thus mess up the whole market. These companies are run by non-technical people and they compete only with pricing as the tool and thus kill competition. However, they cannot provide better support than the small hosting companies which are run by techie people having in depth knowledge of the industry and the technology. It is indeed not an healthy sign if more and more such companies enter the market.
    Prashant T.

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    Guess what group coined and started the "unlimited" trend

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