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    Question Converting Webs from FrontPage to DreamWeaver?

    I don't get in here much, but y'all have always been so helpful. I've got a question...

    I manage a few websites, mostly charitable and non-profits. I use FrontPage, which I know writes terrible code, but it's where I learned and since I work from a blank pallet and ignore most of FP's features, it does a reasonably good job. One of my new non-profits has graciously offered me some hardware and software, including DreamWeaver CS3. I don't want to appear ungrateful, but I also do not want to devote a lot of time and frustration converting webs from FP to DW if it's going to be an ordeal. And there's no way I'm going to re-create them from scratch. I found an article on Adobe's website that talked a little about converting from FP to DW8, but nothing to indicate how effective it was, or whether it applied to CS3.

    I have reasonable HTML and CSS skills due to a former job in the corporate world prior to retirement. I enjoy maintaining my current websites, but do not anticipate taking on many new projects. I don't rely on FP extensions from my hosting provider, but in view of FP's obsolescence, I am a little concerned with FP's compatibility with future versions of Windows OS.

    Bottom line, I am REALLY struggling with the prospects of the learning curve and the transition headaches for my current webs, if I jump into DW. If anyone has personal experience using DW CS3 to manage webs originally created in FP, I would very much appreciate your comments and recommendations. Thanks for any feedback.

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    I don't remember exactly how it works in DW CS3, but I believe you just need to create a site in DW, then point it to current folder in your computer. From that time, using DW to develop your sites. Don't need to import/export anything.

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