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    Thumbs up [Testimonial] Excellent service from

    I'd like to begin by pointing out the first post I'd made on this point - it was here

    Things I liked about their service:

    1. As you see on there, they had a Special at around $60 (100G disk, 2G ram, W2k8 Server, 2.8Ghz CPU, 1600Mhz FSB, 1TB transfer) that I chose to go for. I made the purchase, and within exactly *4 minutes* I received my login details. Not seen this sort of speed anywhere but here.

    2. The response to my emails was not only fast, friendly, polite and professional - but also (very important) accurate. I've see companies like vps land give friendly, polite and professional answers - but at times they miss the point completely!!

    3. Over the past 5 years I've dealt with several hosting providers, and NOT ONE of them has approached this sort of dual efficiency (fast & accurate).

    4. Another quick event that happened earlier today ~4PM IST ( was me disabling the windows firewall. This was done on my developers recommendation (more actually to prove a point) - and the server lost communication with the outside world. I could no longer access any service on the server.

    I sent 3 emails, at a breather of 2-3 minutes after each. Before the 3rd email left my gmail outbox, I had Joe's reply, and the ping window I'd left open had a response. I was able to access everything well again.

    I had a quick discussion with Joe about a few other aspects of VPS hosting - namely the 'vps data loss' issue rampant on this forum now-a-days. Server time (Pacific time) was about 4 AM.

    -- complaints? So far, I have zero complaints. They seem to have all I want - good server, quick service, good pricing.

    As long as I get the same excellent stuff from Automated VPS, I'll not even *think* of shifting.

    -- what do I run on this server? IIS7, DNS, Firewall from MS. Filezilla FTP. Custom (rfc compliant) POP3, SMTP and a custom Backup service. Also a custom CMS software that doubles as a control panel.

    -- minor issues? the lesser-great madjesty of the net - Yahoo! - has declared my IP off limits. They give me a SMTP 421 for outgoing mail, but claim its permanently deffered. I've taken up the issue with the postmaster.

    -- if you didnt get any part of this post (technical issues), do a quick google search on the term. Even msbing gives pretty good results on technical articles.

    Would be lovely to hear back on your experiences with this host as well.

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    Glad to hear such a detailed and positive review, be sure to keep us updated in the future!

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    Of course

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    I have never use that host before but thanks to your testimonial now i know 1 more VPS with excellent service.
    I will consider this VPS in my future website.
    Thanks a lot. Please keep us updated.

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    Great review! Thank you for taking the time and share your experience with us. Best of luck!
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    I've had superb uptime and response time so far. The server speed is so good, I the site load time (as per Alexa) has dropped drastically.

    I think this shows performance and good price. While others have similar packages at far higher costs, this really is a nice fit.

    1TB of bl**dy bandwidth - wonder what I'd do with that!!

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