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    linuxwebhost, yournextdomain and hostforweb, just 1 company?


    after doing some research about this company im interested in namely hostforweb, i have discovered this. Everyone knows that hostforweb is owned by GEOS Corporation. So i tried the keyword in google "geos hostforweb". On the 1st page, i found the site listed, so i clicked. I immediately notice that hostforweb and yournextdomain web page design is similar. Then I clicked on the contact us button. Upon viewing this page, you can easily see Hostforweb and GEOS Corporation text displayed. Other links will put you to the linuxwebhost and you'll notice that their email customer support is received by linuxwebhost. I posted this because I need verification on this information. Comments are welcome regarding the companies mentioned above.

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    Hostingventures is owned by

    I *think* whats happened is that Alabanza have picked up a number of their customers businesses when they have given up.
    They certainly did that with which was originally an independent business.

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    Hmm, thanks for this post.

    What the hell is?
    They copied our pages and even haven't removed GEOS/HostForWeb

    We are going to check it.

    Once again, thanks for info.

    BTW, HostForWeb, Inc has moved from GEOS corp and now standalone company.
    HostForWeb.COM High Bandwidth CGI, PHP, JSP hosting.
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    removed our pages,
    HostForWeb.COM High Bandwidth CGI, PHP, JSP hosting.
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