In the name of Sorcer we can offer you a Dedicated Server in EvoSwitch DC at Haarlem (The Netherlands). EvoSwitch operates on a climate-neutral basis and cooperates with Climate Neutral Group.

Sorcer is one of the best Internet Service Providers in The Netherlands. We serve our customers world wide!

Important points:
24 hours and 7 days per week available Support department.
o With emergancy number.
Always enough bandwidth available!
All prices are exclusive 19% VAT.
This offer is valid till 31 September 2009.

Specifications Dedicated Server (DELL R200) - Complete NEW:
Processor: Quad Core 2.40Ghz
Memory: 2x1GB Dual Rank DIMMS
Hard disk: 250GB
Guarantee: 3 year basic guarantee - Next Business Day
Data traffic: 1000GB
Network uplink: 100Mbit
IP-addresses: 1 (More for free at RIPE rules)
Inclusive data traffic statistics
Inclusive free PowerSwitch port
Setup costs: 0,-
Price per month: 69,95 (Directly available!)

Why choose Sorcer?
Complete packages for everyone
Excellent availability, security and DELL servers
A-brand hardware in self-owned racks
Professional helpdesk with a solution to anything
Payment possibility per Bank transfer, iDEAL and PayPal
Daily back-ups

Netwerk information:
We provide our services at our FiberRing network.
You can test the network by pinging our following IP:

Network: Capicity:
AMS-IX (3 x 10Gbps)
BNIX (1 x 10Gbps)
DE-CIX (1 x 10Gbps)
Abovenet (7 x 1Gbps)
Global Crossing (1 x 10Gbps)
KPN Eurorings (1 x 10Gbps + 2 x 1Gbps)
Teleglobe / VSNL (1 x 10Gbps + 2 x 1Gbps)
TeliaSonera (1 x 10Gbps + 2 x 1Gbps)
NYIXX (1 x 1Gbps)
VIX (1 x 1Gbps)
NETNOD (2 x 1Gbps)
PL-IX (1 x 1Gbps)
Swissix (1 x 1Gbps)
NIX (1 x 1Gbps)

Company Information:
Achterstraat 13
5151 BT Drunen

Chamber of Commerce number: 17217718 at `s-Hertogenbosch

Sorcer has chosen EvoSwitch for her services. EvoSwitch is a next-generation datacenter with enough facilities and extend possibilities for in the future.

If you want to place a order or you have some questions about this offer you can contact us at: sales(@)