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Thread: Joomla question

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    Joomla question

    First time using joomla here, im confused as hell . Ive customised the affinity theme, but one thing thats really bothering me is i cant remove the stupid white block, i believe its called the main body block just below breadcrumbs. Ive disabled everything but what i need and the things still there, does it not show up in the ACP or something ? Its driving me nuts, how do i remove it please.

    View my site here, you'll know what im on about as soon as you scroll down the page where latest gaming news is theres a white rectangle block !

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    Nevermind, fixed this by going into template settings and switching off 'Display Frontpage Component'.

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    Do you want to change fontpage?
    Change the menu homepage and define it to something that you like

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