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    how do i become web designer?

    is it easy to get into web design?

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    really it is easy, you need good creativity and bit scripting knowledge - Domains | Shared Hosting | Reseller Hosting | VPS Server
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    It really depends on the scale, skills, and how much of an entrepreneur you are.

    One thing you got to do is know yourself before you start getting to know any potential clients. How much is your time worth, what are your goals with this, and how much effort are you willing to put into this?

    For example I resigned myself as a sort of hobbyist until I finish at my university. In doing so I do sites for the "fun" of it and many times for the dreaded price point of "free" but because of this I have built a large porfolio, have networked well, and occasionally enjoyed big projects thrown my way when somebody I helped in the past refers a potential client to me. In which case I got a long list of sites I worked on to showcase my skills.

    Will it make me tons of cash? Probably not, but these boon projects bought me a new computer and helped pay for my books this semester as I work on that degree which is what I am really banking on make me that cash in the future.

    I been making websites since I was 12 and was into Pokemon. I considered myself no less of a web designer then than I am today. If a 12 year old me can do it I wouldn't say it is particularly hard but the 12 year old me's goal wasn't to make e-commerce websites as much as it was to express his love for Pokemon. With that goal in mind I think I was a quite sucessfull "web desiner" at the age of 12 if I do say so myself.

    Its so easy a 12 year old can do it! (goals aside)
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    I think first you'll need to decide which type of designer you want be as it's a broad open category. I would say it's easy to get started, although if you do jump straight into it without spending months of learning techniques and of course having personal creative qualities then you could well make little income from it.

    Spend time researching trends, reading up on tutorials and practising what you've learnt - you could well find out that it's not for you or your skills don't match the level of quality you believe you should provide to paying punters. On the other hand you could discover a hidden talent, but you MUST (and I can not stress enough) invest your time researching before you get started.

    Good luck with it
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    I'm a self taught web designer and I too like Ariolander have been doing it since I was about 12 / 13.

    I started out playing in dreamweaver and just experimenting, and building up on that by trying out lots of tutorials.

    I then started making small websites for friends and family (when they found out I could do such a thing) and from there it was kind of set out for me (as they just kept refering me on!)

    Just keep making websites & trying to better yourself each time and you'll go far!

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    Its quite easy (Even though i dont do it myself ,dont have time)
    Just learn gfx and htlm and css.

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    That depends on what kind of website you want to biuld.But now it is very easy for you to start using dreamweaver,frontpage.Even do not need too much scripts.
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    To be a web designer is easy for nowadays there are many tools helping you , but to be a good web designer, it's quite difficult, it needs your time, energy, interest, creativity, etc

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    I agree MedicaFireBand, decide where you want to go and what type of designer you want to be specifically is going to be a hard task. It is a broad category, you have the design side only, but then there are database creation, html, asp, so many languages.

    I would start off small with something easy and flexible, and go from there. You can always change your direction at any time.
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    Start out with reading HTML and CSS tutorials ... plenty on the internet. Years ago I needed to build a 3 column site. So I found a tutorial that taught me how to use CSS and gave me the code to work with. For me it was trial and error until I got what I want. This just covers the look at feel of a site. If you want to learn how to do something useful like an application then you will need to learn .net, or php. Eventually some scripting. Another key creativity asset is knowing Photoshop and Illustrator to create nice artwork. is a good place to start.

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    It depends on your creativity and the patience you need to utilize while designing. If you have sincere efforts then yes you can do designing. For this your knowledge related to designing graphics is must and also need to do some work of sketching to make your hands work very smoothly on graphics.
    At-least draw minimum of 15 sketches (any) everyday for better designing.

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    It is like any other trade, hard when you start out, but once you have been doing it for a while, it's simple. I started out playing with things like Yahoo's website builder and MS Publisher. A couple years ago I took a college class which really helped me to learn the HTML code. I still use the book to this day that was required by the class.

    If you are interested the book is called "Web Development & Design Foundations with XHTML". It was written by Terry Felke-Morris. It will teach you how to make a website with nothing more than Notepad.

    Good Luck!
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    learning by the best practise for coding...
    and for design inspiration, aspiration etc...for quick mode you can check out other works....thats will bring inspiration for you
    sites like cssdrive, elitecss will give you a nicely picked websites

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    I'll tell you why I went into graphics design instead of being a code-monkey, when I made my first proper website I had more pride in the actual design than I did in putting it all together with code (tables back then!)
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    Well heres another tip :

    If you're a 1-point solution (or atleast can deliver on the front-end) - you'll probably start off with some small projects, but TELL EVERYONE YOU MEET THAT YOU DO WEB DESIGN. Friends, family, classmates, colleagues, people you meet at social gatherings etc etc.

    These people will eventually be your marketing department, working for free - and you can easily get to a stage where 3-5 prospective new clients contact you every month, without you having to do a thing!

    You will also quickly learn that everyone and their dog has "a small web project in mind that they've been meaning to get done for a while." - but not too many of these will materialize.

    Don't sell yourself cheap, but do realize that you have to start a little low and continuously work yourself up from there, in terms of skills, pricing, quality....everything.

    Lastly, be modular. If you're in a certain (wide) niche, 80% of peoples "website" requirements are the same. Build some components / general structure and use them as a starting point to then customize them per client.


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    To become a good designer, you would need to work hard and in some cases you would need to work day and night.

    First from different websites read tutorials and practice them.

    After getting basic knowledge start a personal project.

    Personal projects really helps.
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    To be good at it you need to be a good designer.

    If you don't know anything about real design, i reccomend the following books: The Non-Designer's Design Book & The None Designer's Type Book. Both by Robin Williams.

    Those will set you off on design principals. CSS and XHTML is pretty east to master. All you need to do is plan what you are going to do rather than going straight in and trying to make it. Do a screen design with accurate sizes first. It will make your life so much easier; will save you time too!
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    The first thing i did, i search for tutorial websites for photoshop and illustrator. Then i started participating in design contest for small prize. The first time i won i decided to keep on submitting my designs until some clients started to contact me for some design projects. Now i have my small design studio and been able to provide jobs to others.

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    To become a good designer, you should have good creativity. Remind that creativity is the art of hiding source..

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    Great tips! Well, there are many cool tools out there these days to enhance the process, and some awesome sites that focus on web designing particularly; however, you need to put lots of efforts and dedication from your side on whatever you do to reach your desired goal. It may seem hard in the beginning but once you pass the initial phase , you will start enjoying it and it would be much more fun.

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    I actually think it's harder then people realize. I really feel that not everyone can be a designer. Constantly driven to be creative and find the latest 'trend' or stay up with the latest 'trend' on the web.
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    Start browsing for good looking or popular websites. You'll get hype up making your own as well. (always works on me). Keep on designing and keep visiting web design communities and websites so you'll get the latest ideas and trends.

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    i think one of the hardest parts of starting web design is actually starting!! there's allot of different languages and tools to learn and its all very daunting trying to find the right path to set out on. Online tutorials are all well and good but many leave much to be desired, my suggestion is to find a course in your local area that deals with web design and just do it. Having someone showing you best practices and how to code properly will be would its weight in gold when you start to do your own work. For example im starting a course next month and its funded by my local social welfare office so its free for me to do so what have a i got to lose. Its hard to get started but iv been told now by many people to start with XHTML and CSS. So why not sus these topics and see how you get on.

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