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    Web Stats, VPS, Open-source Only

    What open-source software do you like for web-visible log stats? The servers are VPS, and log formats can be anything. A cron job does rollups, although the web stats program could take over that job if it wants.

    The software should allow public access or private password-protected access at VPS customer discretion. Basically, we want to know what to suggest.

    It should present reasonably pretty charts, monthly or annual, in HTML or XHTML.

    The language could be anything but Python, PHP are favorites.

    I'd like war stories with good bad and ugly, not just listings. Strong opinions are welcome.

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    I've only ever used AWStats. I've heard good things about Webalyzer but I'm now using Litespeed for my personal hosting needs which has a built in module for AWStats integration, making configuration a lot easier.

    If you want to see if it's pretty enough for you, look here -

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    One of the most popular packages is awstats.

    Then again, there is always Piwik, , it's an open source Google analytics alternative.
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    More interesting choices

    AWStats bores me. For Perl, I'd rather use
    W3Perl dot com

    Another interesting find, 'Visitors',
    hping dot org / visitors

    Probably such a C program is the way to go. Log files can get big, like millions of records, so speed matters. I'd rather avoid databases though.

    How many of you do DNS lookups for logging, rather than during post analysis? Any opinions on that?

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    Just go with google analytics.

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    No Google

    Users can do that, but I'm not going to recommend it. Google is malevolent.

    google-watch dot org
    epic dot org/privacy/gmail/faq dot html
    opencontentalliance dot org

    I'm not looking for 'obvious' answers. So far, Visitors and W3Perl seem like winners.

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