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    Please suggest me vps or dedicated sever

    I currently have a vps with 1536MB SLM RAM, 40 GB HDD
    the vps is on Dual Processor Quad Core (8CPU)

    but it's going down from time to time so is it better to upgrade to a simple dedicated server with a config like this

    Pentium D 2.80Ghz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD

    please suggest me i don't have much experience on this

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    What do you use the VPS for?
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    well i have some wallpaper sites that uses huge diskspace and youtube streaming sites and other basic simple sites, which i require different c class ip

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    It really depends on what you are using the VPS for as to what you should do but if you do go dedicated SoftLayer is an amazing provider
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    If you're looking for a managed solution I recommend WiredTree

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    You need dedicated server and you need to visit offer section for your configuration. I suppose you will be able to find different prices for the same config and managed and unmanaged solutions. Before making any kind of the decision you need to make sure and read some reviews.
    Good luck

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    A lot of dedicated server providers will be able to offer that and most of them are present in the advertising forums here. So you can check them easily
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    really its upto you, softlayer for dedicated and wiredtree for vps both are excellent - Domains | Shared Hosting | Reseller Hosting | VPS Server
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    I think you should move to a dedicated server , since your website may be getting large number of concurrent users.
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    If it keeps going down,you should try a dedicated server.Softlayer is really good.You can check their reviews.
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    You should perhaps post this in the VPS or Dedicated section for better help.
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