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    Measuring conversions with analytics?

    Can anyone give me a clue on what I'm doing wrong here?

    I'm trying to use GA to measure conversions for:
    * 0
    conversions, Goal 1: Newsletter Subscription

    * 0
    conversions, Goal 2: Checkout to Cart

    * 0
    conversions, Goal 3: Display Checkout

    It's been set up for about a week, but it's still showing nothing. I know we have had subscriptions added as well as orders, so something's wrong.

    Settings I'm using:

    Active Goal: ON
    Head Match
    Goal URL: ^/newsletter.php
    Not case sensitive
    Goal Value 1

    Goal: ^/newsletter.php

    Same settings for checkout (checkout1) and sale (checkout3).

    Can't figure out how to get the eCommerce section working either, but that's a whole another can of worms.

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    Is this the right subforum for this?

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