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    WHMCS and Analytics

    Has anyone else used Google Analytics with WHMCS for goal tracking purposes? I have been using it for monitoring for a while now, and I want to se the goal tracking feature and it has a step by step funnel option.. however part of the URL includes the product ID... but I can't seem to get around this that I have found..

    Advice? Success stories?

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    What is goal tracking ? Can you explain more ?

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    I haven't tried this but it sounds interesting.

    Would be good to know if anyone has feedback on this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan_EZPZ View Post
    Looks like it, I will have to check it out later tonight and report back.

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    I'm with that too, but found that Analytics track a very few visits. For example yesterday Awstats track 102 visits, Google Analytics just 1, that's really confusing, I sent a ticket asking for help to WHMCS too. honest european provider

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    The integration can only track visits and URL (so far). At WHMCS people still confuse how to set GOAL settings? It seems didn't works.

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    Yes, don't work for me too. honest european provider

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