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    Two ASCII (IRC MOTD) Logos Needed - $10

    Hi all,

    We'd like to get two ASCII logos designed for use on our IRC servers, featuring either a version of our existing logo or designing a new one as well.

    If you're interested for 10 buckazoids via Paypal, please drop me an email to [email protected] with an example or twenty of previous ASCII work you've done.

    Hopefully someone will actually have some experience in doing ASCII logos, I've yet to see a IRC MOTD specialist, but we want one. ;0

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    It's a very very niche market indeed, good luck with that
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    Why not try a free service such as
    Sam Asante ~ Web & User Interface Designer ~
    World-Class cPanel Themes
    Responsive WHMCS Themes

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    MediaFireBrand: My post didn't get a single reply, you're right.

    Sam: I'm going to try to send you a PM now to get your Paypal address, hopefully you turned on the option to get messages. Fair is fair, you technically did the logos for me!

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