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Thread: IGSOBE is down

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    Unhappy IGSOBE is down


    I bought a server from them yesterday and today, the seem to have a network problem. My bad luck i guess

    I have no access to server ... Ping is giving request time out ....

    From their website main page

    Attention IGSOBE Customers!

    We are currently experiencing slow network links or links timing our entirely for the majority of our clients.
    This was caused by an error on our end when adding in the routes to announce a new 1 GB circuit to MZima that was brought online earlier today.

    Adding in these routes was not to be a service impacting change, and we are working to resolve the issue at this time.
    Our current estimate for resolution is by approximately 8PM EST.

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    Most likely it is bad luck. They at least are letting you know about the situation instead of leaving you in the dark. I personally wouldn't judge them because they are having 'slow network issues'. Perhaps when the website is up you can see if they offer any SLA (Server Level Agreement). An SLA is a legal document that will in a nutshell compensate you for downtime. Some companies give credit (free days) others will send you money back. Hang in there and don't get stressed.

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    Site is loading fine for me and I don't see that message anywhere, so I assume its fixed?

    Nice to see they let their clients know what was going on.

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    I have 2 servers on IGSOBE, one is up and running fine, but I experienced many downtimes on connection, but they ensure to me that is only part of the past. The other server is not setupped yet, I asked for win 2k3 x64 then they says me that the license is not avaible yet and they're waiting for her, so I'm waiting for my server since 2 days ago...

    Some one have this problem too?

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    Hi Biel,

    Our uptime is available on a public basis since early this year, using Siteuptime:

    Under their monitoring, our uptime the past 7 months is 99.69%

    Year Month Outages / Checks Uptime Downtime
    2009 September 1 / 1438 99.096% 0.904%
    2009 August 0 / 8854 100.000% 0.000%
    2009 July 9 / 8869 99.583% 0.417%
    2009 June 9 / 8579 99.371% 0.629%
    2009 May 9 / 8891 99.843% 0.157%
    2009 April 0 / 8603 100.000% 0.000%
    2009 March 1 / 8772 99.977% 0.023%

    Average response time: 0.062 seconds

    (January/February are not listed, that is when we first started using the service to monitor our network)

    While 99.69% uptime isn't poor by any means, it's not acceptable to us, and is what lead to the addition of another network provider (MZima) and the 30 minute self-inflicted outage you're speaking of.

    I attempted to locate your account to give you a $25 credit as compensation for the 30 minute outage you spoke of, but wasn't able to locate it. That being said, unless I'm missing something, you created a 2nd account under a different name to take advantage of our current promotion for new customers ($1/week on any dedicated server?).

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