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    Looking for a Dedicated Server

    Hey everyone,

    I'm on the prowl for a dedicated server. Here are my concerns in order from highest to lowest:

    1. The quality of management, how much the technicians can/will do, and how available they are by phone and through email.
    2. The amount of monthly bandwidth allowed and the specifications on the server.
    3. Monthly cost. I'm looking to keep the costs of the dedicated server between $200 and $350 per month. I'd be paying on a month to month basis.

    Any hosting providers please feel free to contact me by PM or by email: [email protected].

    Suggestions from the community here are also definitely welcome!


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    I'm located in Massachusetts, USA, forgot to mention that in the original post.

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    Hosts are not allowed to post advertisements here or contact you, unless you posted in the Requests area.

    However, I can personally recommend you get in touch with SoftLayer. They're well-established, reliable and we have many servers with them working perfectly. For your budget, you should get a very nice setup.
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    you need a managed or unmanaged server?
    How much Ram/HDD/Bandwidth you need and what CPU

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    WiredTree are really good and they have some killer deals on right now for fully managed dedicated servers, might want to check them out
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