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    * Personal PHP Proxy

    I have a shared Linux server (proxies allowed) and would like to have a personal proxy.

    I do not know how to set up the domain root or which script to use.

    There are a lot of PHP scripts, but I do not want my browser to be on a proxified page. I want it to look and act normal with no restrictions like SSL or youtube.

    Also it needs to be able to use SSL.
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    The best bet is to use cgi proxy given that the server is used to host that proxy alone.
    If you are hosting other sites on it then you are better off using PHProxy. Glype can be considered as well but the thing is that the development of that script seems dead now.

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    I recommend using PHProxy or cgi proxy.
    These 2 scripts are recommended by many people.
    It's not hard to set it up, you can find the tutorial on google.

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    I would recomend the use of the Glype proxy script with a customised template which makes the pfoxified pages look like a web browser window. To keep it private I would use a .htaccess file to password protect the proxy script. Glype is compatible with SSL and if I remember correctly there is also a plugin which makes it compatible with Youtube.
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    Most proxy script are almost ready to use it. You need just to follow instruction's from software, upload to your account and you are done.

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